Custom Fitting

If you are serious about improving your game, Custom Fitting is an important piece of that puzzle.  At our disposal are the latest equipment from Callaway, Cobra and PING, ensuring you have the best selection of what is available to you in the marketplace.  By using the latest Flightscope X3 technology in our State of art studio, you can walk away knowing that your clubs are a match for your swing and your game.

What is Custom Fitting?

Buying a set of clubs off the rack may be convenient, but is often a sure fire way to build up your frustration with your game, as well as a hole in your wallet.  Custom Fitting is important for every golfer, and often more beneficial for the higher handicap than the better player.

A Custom Fitting session will help you discover your exact club requirements, to not only your physical dimensions but also your game requirements

Head Shape, Loft, Lie, Shaft Length, Grip Type, Hybrids vs Long Irons, are just a few elements of you golf bag which can be customised to you, ensuring that you leave the studio full of confidence in your investment in your game

A Fitting Session could include:

  • Consultation: Pre-session Questionnaire to get to know you requirement
  • Benchmark Figures: Analysis of your own clubs performance
  • Shaft Fitting: Finding your perfect shaft to match your performance needs
  • Dynamic Fitting: With your correct shaft, we determine your loft/lie requirements
  • Grip Fitting: Your ONLY connection with the club
  • Set Make-Up: Number of irons, wedges and hybrid
  • Ball Fitting: The only constant within EVERY game of golf
  • Shoe Fitting: Your ONLY connection to the Ground *COMING SOON*

Fitting Duration:

1 Hour: Driver, or Set of Irons Fitting

2 Hours: Short Game Fitting (Wedges & Putter)

3 Hours: Full Bag Fitting

Speak to one of our Professional Staff to find out more about a fitting and how it will benefit your game.

Fitting T&C's

Orders placed within 7 days of your fitting will receive 100% of the fitting fee deducted from the price of your clubs

Orders placed within 14 days of your fitting will receive 50% of the fitting fee deducted from the price of your clubs

Orders placed outside 15 days of your fitting will receive 0% of the fitting fee deducted from the price of your clubs

From Drivers and Irons, to what golf ball you play and even your golf shoes, understanding what works for your game is our ultimate goal during a Custom Fitting session at Hornsea Golf Club. We are proud to be an Authorised Fitting Centre for Callaway, Cobra and PING, and with one of the best selection of fitting equipment in the area, we are sure to be able to help you find your perfect fit.

Why Custom Fitting?

  • Clubs matched to your swing
  • Improved accuracy and distance
  • Bad shots are improved
  • More value from your investment
  • Greater confidence

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